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« Your sessions are just AMAZING !!! B. has the feeling to play… but I can see that you do much more ! Thank you for the time you spent with my husband to explain more about your work objectives… You know how to find the right words, those that reassure the parents, this helps a lot to be in the same wavelength ».

« I am happy about the work that we made together, I learned many things about myself… not only on when and why I stutter… It happens sometimes again, but I learned techniques to calm down and compensate… I am more relaxed with my friends. Nest year when I will need to pass oral exams, I will probably cone back for a few sessions. In the meantime, I understood that been bilingual is really an advantage and not only one more language challenge for me! People are more tolerant with bilingual persons »

« Our daughter was speaking “like a baby” … we thought that we had tried everything : stopping the use of the pacifier, make her repeat, ask to her grandparents to talk to her… and it was her teacher who recommended us to come and see you. We were really amazed to see than in less than 5 sessions, it was all ok !! Your advices will be really useful in the future, both for S. and also maybe for her little sisters ».

« Thanks Domitilla for your kindness and your energy! Thanks to your sessions, P. improved a lot during these 3 years. Thank you also for your contacts with her shadow-teacher at school: this helped him also to adjust at school. He learned how to structure his language, which is so comfortable for him and also for us (it removes many frustrations that we had to face in the past !), and he also socializes now better with his peers ».