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1-on-1 rehabilitation sessions

I offer individual speech & language therapy sessions through Skype (or equivalent) for all ages (children, teenagers, adults). All the necessary tools shall be provided by me through screen sharing. Also, just like in face to face meetings, my sessions are strictly confidential.

45 min rehabilitation session

96 € *

* 2023 rates. Some international insurances cover a certain number of online speech therapy consultations per year (on the basis of a medical prescription). Ask them about this! (it depends on your contract). Please let me know if I need to make a quotation for them.

Speech & language

With a duration of 1h30 or 2 x 45 minutes, a speech and language assessment helps to find out if your child’s speech and language ability is age-appropriate. It also identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. This assessment includes the delivery of a detailed report within 7 days.


296 €

* 2023 rates


Do not hesitate to ask also if you need advices regarding the feeding issues, the sleep, or the educational limits and social challenges for your children, as all these aspects can have an influence on your child’s language development.

45 min session

96 € *

* 2023 rates

Conditions we treat

Find below a non-exhaustive list of speech and language
conditions which can be treated online

Spoken language

Specific language disorder
Autism spectrum disorder
Pronunciation disorder
Language delay
Down syndrom

Written language

Orthographic dyslexia

Cognition & neurology

Attentional trouble
Dysexecutive syndrom
Aphasia an dysarthria
Mnesic disorder

Voice & phonation

Verbal fluence disorder

Do you need a session
or a speech & language