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With over 22 years of experience as a
speech & language specialist, I provide
online consultation to French-speaking
expatriates unable to access relevant or
qualitative treatment locally.

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Speech & language therapy :
my path and my values

I have worked in various private practices and within multidisciplinary teams (bilingual school, medical educational institute, with mentally disabled children) before working in a well known multidisciplinary therapy center while in Singapore.

I am convinced of the importance to work in close collaboration with the parents and/or relatives, and the other therapists who work with the child to extend the objectives of the therapy at home (and at school). View my degrees and experience.

Multi-expatriated mother of four

Expatriated many times myself in Belgium, England, France, Japan, Singapore, and currently in Germany, I had the opportunity to develop strong communication skills with people from very diverse socio-cultural and economic backgrounds.

Being a mother of 4 children, I have strong interaction skills with very young children and I recognise the importance of family and the entourage for the effective treatment of language disorders.

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